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Feb 18, 2017


Prompts for Pregnant Women

When we know that we’ve definitely pregnant, then we must take the next step is taking good care of the baby in the womb, even more so after the pregnancy reaches the age of four months. As a parent should ..

Feb 17, 2017


Prayers associated with pregnancy

Prayers related to Pregnancy Prayer When Interlocking Related So that connections made by married couples always blessed by God and kept away from evil spirits, then you should read the following prayer when about to engage in intercourse with your ..

Feb 15, 2017


Craving Healthy Pregnancies

Healthy pregnant and regularly is the dream of every mother who is pregnant. To that end, a balanced nutritional intake factor becomes important for pregnant women. This meant that the nutrition of the fetus to remain healthy and thrive. The ..

Feb 12, 2017


Pregnant with High Risk

Pregnant with a high risk is meant here is pregnant experiencing greater danger during pregnancy or childbirth compared with normal pregnancy. This can be caused by several things, such as premature delivery, shortness of breath, symptoms of miscarriage, and others. ..