Each Disease There is a remedy

Jan 21, 2017


Each Disease There is a remedy

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  • Each Disease There is a remedy

    Narrated by Muslim from the hadeeth of Abu Zubair, from Jabir bin Abdillah, and the Prophet that he said, which means:

    “Each one is certainly no cure diseases. If the drug is already on the disease, the disease must be cured by the permission of Allah. “(Reported by Ahmad and Al-Hakim).

    In Sahih Al-Bukhari and Muslim1 of Atha, from Abu Hurayrah that he said: The Messenger of Allah said which means:

    “It is not God sent down a disease, but He sent down a cure.”

    While in Musnad Imam Ahmad mentioned the hadeeth of Zaid bin alaqah, from Osama bin Syuraik narrated that he told me, “One time I was with him, suddenly some Bedouin men. They asked, “O Messenger of Allah, whether we can seek treatment?” He replied, “Yes, O servants of Allah, Berobatlah! Because every time Allah created the disease, God also created the cure, except for one disease. “They asked,” sickness is what the Messenger of Allah? “He replied,” Seniors. “The wording else mentioned,” Whenever God menunrukan disease, God certainly reduce the cure. Only those who know it and some do not know. “

    Hadiths above contains the reasons for and against the existence of a refutation of those who reject the statement. The phrase, “Every disease has a cure” could be so mean including deadly diseases and diseases that can not be cured by the doctors because they have not found a cure. Allah has sent down a cure for these diseases, but man toko herbal online can not find the magic cure disease, or God does not guide the people to find a cure for the disease. Because knowledge possessed by humans only limited taught by Allah.Oleh Therefore, healing of disease prevention with the process said the “suitability” of drugs to treat the disease. Because every creature of God is certainly no anti. And every disease must have become antinya drugs to cure from the disease. Therefore, attributed the cure to the disease prevention to the ‘suitability’ of drugs to treat the disease. That is the explanation, to be recognized not only the existence of a remedy for every illness. Because if the drug was administered in the wrong way or given excessive doses, it can cause other diseases munculnyai. If the dose is less, can not treat. Wrong time, can also cause the drug does not work. When the body is not able to receive the drug, or the immunity unfavorable preformance taking medication, or have any kind of function that is consumed, eliminating the drug, recovery can not be achieved, because there is no ‘suitability’. If really there is conformity, the disease would be cured. This is the most accurate interpretation of the hadith.

    Second, that it could also be born is general, but the meaning is special. When the disease could enter the category of expression is much more than that does not include the category. Because of such expressions in each language. So that the meaning is, “Surely, God created each time a disease that can be cured, surely Allah is also creating the cure, so do not include diseases that can not be cured.

    The phrase was the same as the word of God to the wind which God created to attack the people of ‘Ad, “… destroy everything by the command of his Lord …” (Al-Ahqaf: 25), that everything can be destroyed, while the nature the wind was destroyed. Many more examples of its kind.

    Anyone considering the creation of all things that are opposite each other in this world, everything to beat each other, repel each other (dialectically), certainly will know clearly kemahasempuranaan God’s power, wisdom and kecanggihan His creation, and rububiyah, oneness and the power of God. Everything other than God is his essence, there must be anti it. Only God Mahakaya not need anything. Meanwhile, besides Allah, will certainly need another.

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