Herbal Medicine

Mar 20, 2017


Herbal Medicine

In general, the notion of herbal medicine is a drug derived from all or part of the plant. But actually, the terms have the meanings herbal plants that are not woody or herbaceous plants that nature. Herbal remedies are also referred to as phytomedicine or botanical medicine. The use of herbal medicine has been known and widely used since ancient times, because it has properties that are effective and potent.

Medicinal herbs traditionally processed and hereditary, based on the recipe ancestors, customs, beliefs, or local customs, is both magic and traditional knowledge. At present, experts became interested in the use of herbal medicines because of side effects caused minimal. That is because the composition therein can still be digested by the body. Herbal medicine is also popular among the people because it is easier to reach, both price and availability.

The concept of Herbal Medicine
1. The holistic approach taken. The human body is seen to have a system of harmony that is always balanced. The non-functioning part of the body causing imbalances that other parts of the body. If the body is not able to perform rebalancing its original state, then there will be a disease. One of the aims of herbal medicine is to help the body to restore harmony or balance to the body.
2. Apart from external factors, herbal remedies to understand that from within human beings there is a healing power that comes from spiritual factors, emotional, mental, and physical. The healing power in the modern medical world known by the Immune System.
3. Using, pure ingredients from herbs as medicine, without the addition of chemical synthesis.

The concept of herbal medicine is very different from the concept of modern medicine (which is usually used as a synthetic chemical drugs). For example in the treatment of chemical synthesis that cause disease are viruses, bacteria, and pathogens (disease-carrying micro-organisms); whereas in herbal medicine, the cause of the disease is the weakness of the immune system.

Excess Use of Medicinal Herbs
The use of herbal medicine is very popular in the community, because herbal medicines are available around us and more economical. In addition, the use of herbal medicine provides benefits that are not necessarily derived from the use of chemical drugs. Here are some of the advantages of herbal medicine, among others:
• Using natural materials / organic.
• Its content was more absorbed by the body than synthetic drugs.
• Improve the immune system.
• Holistic / treat the source of the disease.
• Lack of side effects if used correctly.
• Halal for purely from plants.

Making Herbal preparations
In making herbal preparations, there are several things that must be considered because they affect the efficacy and safety of these herbal preparations for the treatment. The thing to note is:

1. Truth materials
Before using herbal preparations as a remedy, it must be ensured that it does not use the wrong plant. Using the wrong herbal ingredients can cause unwanted effects or toxicity.

2. Equipment
Equipment panic / container used should be made from glass / glass or stainless steel. Knife or mixer used is made of wood or steel. While the filter used is made from plastic or nylon. Do not use aluminum because it can react with certain chemical constituents of plants that might cause poisoning.

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