Honey testimony and prayer given fertilizing seed content

Mar 7, 2017


Honey testimony and prayer given fertilizing seed content

Honey testimony and prayer given fertilizing seed content

Testimony honey fertilizer content and prayers so quickly to have children.

Doa Ibu Siti Qamariyah
One objective of marriage is to preserve offspring. In other words, getting married is to have children. The presence of offspring (children) in a family is something very valuable, then of course if a husband and wife expecting soon blessed with a baby. It is painful to a family that had long passed through a wedding procession, but years of time passed not been blessed with offspring. If you are one of those who have passed through marriage within quite a long time but did not yet have a baby, so it’s good if you see a doctor or therapy in order to quickly blessed with a baby (honey therapy for fertility). And, do not forget to accompany it with prayer. As experienced by the mother Siti Qamariyah.

At first, Qamariyah Siti and her husband also tested by God to wait so long to be able to entertain the family with the presence of a child. With earnest efforts, such as drinking honey and honey fertilizing male fertilizing the womb, in the end he was also blessed with a baby. The special deeds were read to have a baby are as follows:

Yaa Khaaliqu 7 x
“O Essence of Creating”

Yaa baariu 7 x
“O Supreme Essence Hold”

Yaa Wahhaabu 7 x
“O Essence of the Grantor”
After reading the above practice, then proceed with the following passage:
“God, no God (worthy of worship) but He is eternal life more continuous care (His creatures); Neither slumber nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and the earth. None can intercede with Allah without His permission. God knows what is before them and behind them, and they did not know anything of His knowledge except what He wills. Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth. And God does not feel heavy preserve both, and God Most High, Most Great. “(QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 255).
“In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Praise be to Allah. God of the universe. Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Which controls the Day of Judgment. You alone we worship and You are the only to us asking for help. Show us the straight path, (ie) the way ornag-whom You give favors to them; not the (path) of their wrath and not (also road) they are misguided. “(Qur’an, al-Fatiha [1]: 1-7).
Read the above paragraph seat of a 1 x N. As for surah al-Fatihah read as much as 41 times, and after arriving at the sentence:

Iyyaaka na’budu wa iyyaaka nasta’iinu, were repeated 41 times. After even read 41 times, then do not forget to prostrate to Allah in order to convey the meaning that is to immediately blessed with offspring. And, do not forget after waking up from prostration continued with the following prayer:

“O Allah, make the charity I thought better of my outside and make charitable good deeds my outside. O God, I beseech you from the property, the family, and a good lad as you have given to someone other than myself, which is no longer just misleading. ”
“There is no god that must be worshiped but Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Noble. Glory to Allah, the Lord of the mighty Throne, praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe. I beseech you about something that could accelerate the decline in your grace, has embraced forgiveness thy preserved from every kind of sin, the richest will be any kindness, congratulations from all sin, and do not you leave sin for me except You will forgive and nor distress unless you’ll eliminate them and also the livelihood purposes that you ridhai than you will fulfill them, O Lord Most Merciful. ”

How to practice the above prayers are read after they finish praying tahajjud by a husband or wife who wants to immediately blessed with a baby. Inshallah with the practice of hope and full of solemnity family will soon be blessed with a baby as well as the family of Mrs. Siti Qamariyah.

5. Doa Ibu Lisa Oktavia
The presence of children in a family is able to break the ice, hilarious laughter able to solve loneliness, and its growth can excite both parents. In fact, the father who worked all day and was very tired body which can disappear in an instant just by hearing the call from the father of her baby. Thus, of course, if every family missed the presence of descent as soon as possible. One child is still considered perhaps less so as they strive to blessed with a baby the second and so on.

This is different from that experienced by the mother Lisa Oktavia. He underwent only family life with her husband alone for approximately 8 years. Not that he does not want the presence of the baby, it’s just God that delaying these desires. However, Alhamdulillah, last September when the author met on the sidelines of friendship Eid day, it turns out she was pregnant four months, one of them probably due PROMIL with honey fertilising womb. This is of course due to his persistence in maintaining domestic life and patience in the face of tempests and trials that befell his family life. Any problems that come our family, she and her husband finish with a cool head and to each other to understand each other and beat each other. They always obey God. Moreover, it turns out Lisa’s mother Oktavia also have a special practice to be blessed with a baby. As for practice or a special prayer in question is as follows:

“I beg pardon of Allah, the Almighty, the One who is no god worthy of worship but He, the Ever Living longer Stand Alone and I repent to Him.”
“Allah does not burden a person but according to his ability. He gets the reward (of virtue) were earned, and he got the punishment (of the crime) was doing. (They wheeled), “Our Lord, Thou our laws if we forget or fall into error. Our Lord, Thou impose on us a heavy burden as You impose on people before us. Our Lord, Thou pikulkan to us what we could not bear it. Give us apologize; forgive us; and bless us. You are our helper, so help us against the unbelievers. “(QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 286).

“In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Glory to Thee, O God. You are the Lord of the Throne Supreme Court to create a child in my belly. Indeed, You are the Essence of the Creator of all things and Thou Almighty, Most Dashing. My Lord, do not you leave me in solitude, you are the best of the Compassionate. He is Allah, who created and the Giver, which is formed in such and have good names. Ya Allah, the Creator cases that He will surely Allah has power over all things. God who created matter which He wills. When God created a case then surely he just said to be a case then so be it. ”

The practice is read each finished praying Maghrib and Fajr by Ms. Lisa Oktavia with her husband, with the amounts of each of the 3 times (in addition to prayer). As for his prayer is read only once. Do not forget ikhtiarkan also by fertilizing natural ingredients.


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