Knowing the signs of pregnancy

Mar 5, 2017


Knowing the signs of pregnancy

Knowing the signs of pregnancy

Normally, couples will become pregnant after a few months after the wedding. Where people who do not want to get pregnant? Certainly all want to be able to get pregnant quickly. When the pregnancy was really coming, a prospective mother suffered thousands haunting feeling. Sometimes, he was very happy because soon will come baby is capable of being an entertainer as were sad and as friends when in solitude or loneliness. It is undeniable that the virtuous son is a drug solace to both parents. In fact, a father or mother will be more motivation to work when given the baby. However, sometimes a pregnant woman also feel tremendous anxiety when imagining the birth process is very painful, even not uncommon to have risked their lives by delivery of the baby.

Especially during the nine months of pregnancy, of course, the days that passed through a stressful day. Because, normally, in that a child will come out of the womb of a mother toward the natural world. In this ninth parents are getting ready to welcome the presence of a child, the prospective new member of the family. Parents already memperisapkan everything for the safety of her baby when it was born, and even some of the parents have prepared several options for the name attributed to him, some are already preparing a bath tools or toys. Of course, all of that is done by parents is to greet the arrival of the prince or queen who became his idol. The presence of children are able memberikah tremendous happiness in the family.

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When you know that there have been no signs of pregnancy, you will certainly feel relieved and happy because in the near future will soon be a baby who is able to be a solace and expel all the fatigue.

The following will describe some of the signs of pregnancy that may help you. By knowing the signs of early pregnancy, you can take the right steps for the safety of your unborn child. Here the signs are:

1. Slow Haid

Menstruation or menstruation is a definite coming in every month for women. Usually, guests of this one comes regularly and on time, and be sure to women who are still normal. Well, if you missed period, then there is a possibility you are pregnant. However, you do not rush to conclude that you are pregnant, because it could be menstruation arrive late due to other factors. Therefore, wait a few days before you draw conclusions. If, after waiting a few days yet to menstruation, it is better if you take the next step as the doctor came to check or you can do the test yourself by buying a pregnancy test.

2. Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting is one sign of an impending pregnancy, but not always the person who nausea and menstruation is pregnant, because he could have nausea and vomiting just for colds. If nausea and vomiting that you are experiencing is not due to colds, then there is a possibility you are pregnant, especially if accompanied by other signs that can strengthen their pregnancy, such as missed period.

3. Breast pain

People who are newly pregnant is usually characterized by pain in the breast. However, not all people newly pregnant is characterized by pain in the breast. Well, if your breast pain, especially if accompanied by swollen nipples, whereas before you were never like this, then you suspect that you are pregnant.

4. Breast Enlargement

In addition to sore breasts and nipples swell, swelling in the breast is also a sign of the pregnancy. You do not need to feel anxious because your breasts increase in size, especially a husband does not need to be suspicious nonsensical on your wife’s breast enlargement, because it could be a sign of pregnancy.

5. Frequent urination

People who are newly pregnant is usually also characterized by frequent urination. If you are married and feel always wanted to pee, then you should be suspicious if you are pregnant or not. Therefore, it is better if the check-up or a pregnancy test alone.

6. Abdominal pain

You do not need to fear and worry when your stomach feels sick as constipation, because it could be you’re the arrival of new guests who named pregnancy. Well, if you are pregnant and want to, then you should be grateful.

  1. CravingsWhen all the above is available to you, then it could be said that ninety-nine percent of you are pregnant when you crave weird, that suddenly you really want something, or you really want to eat certain foods. Moreover, you want food that had not previously been to your liking, for example you do not like the name suggests Depot, but suddenly you wanted to eat cake. When you encounter such things, then most likely you are pregnant.8. Fatigue

    One sign of the pregnancy is the body feel sluggish or tired. There is no passion to do the activity. Thus, for a newly married husband who happened next few weeks and see itsrinya lackluster, do not scold or fast you feel annoyed him. Because, it could be a sign that your wife is pregnant.

    9. belly getting bigger

    Of course if the pregnant belly growing larger. This can be known after a gestation of two months. Stomach will grow bigger according to gestational age. The older gestational age, the greater your stomach.

    When some of the above have come to you, so it’s good if you go to the doctor to check for pregnancy. However, there is no harm if you do your own tests using a pregnancy test before you go to the doctor. Currently, many tool-counter pregnancy detection Diapotek with various brands. If the pregnancy test turned out that you are pregnant, then you come to the doctor to be sure and follow the advice given by safety of your baby.

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