Physical Illnesses and Non-Physical Illness

Jan 14, 2017


Physical Illnesses and Non-Physical Illness

Physical Illnesses and Non-Physical Illness

Diseases are of two kinds: physical illnesses and non-physical illness. Physical illness is a disease caused by an excess of material in the body that interfere with normal bodily functions daily. It is a common disease. The cause is eating other food before the food is digested in the body perfectly. Or consume food in excess of the needs of the body itself, consuming foods that are less useful, consume foods that are difficult to digest or consume lots of different types of food.

If someone is too often consume such foods that would lead to various diseases, there are easily solved some are difficult to cure. If a person consumes food balanced, which only consume food the body needs balanced meals and quality, the body will be able to take advantage of all the food is more than the food that many.

Food has three levels: first, the level required by the body. Second, an adequate level. Third, the level of luxury. The Prophet has taught that a person consumes quite a few mouthfuls of food that can be straightened her spine so his stamina does not sag and the body becomes weak. If more than that, he would consume a third of the volume that can be accommodated stomach, one-third for drink and one third for his breath.

Thus the most beneficial to the body and heart, because if the stomach is full of food, the drinks will be difficult to enter. If it is filled with a drink, it would be difficult to breathe so it will be easily tired and prone to diseases, like a woman who is pregnant as carrying heavy loads. In addition to other consequences, such as damage to the liver and the weakness of organs for religious practices, even compelled to commit immoral acts are the consequence of lust intolerable.

Stomach full of food can harm the liver and tubuh¹. That is if frequent or even continuous. But if once in a while is okay. Abu Hurairah never drink milk in the presence of the Prophet continuously until he said, “By Him who has sent you with the truth, it was my stomach could not accommodate this milk again.”

The companions also never eat before the prophet continuously until full. Too full weakening the stamina and body, although the body will flourish. The body is only going to be strong with a dose of food it receives, not because of the food.

Because a human being there are elements of earth, air, and water. Thus, the Prophet also divide the human stomach to accommodate these three elements. If anyone asks, “Where else to place the fire element in the human body?” This issue is under review by the medical community. They stated, “It is true that the body contains an element of fire but not bersidat material but in the form of reaction. Fire is one of the four elements sixtosit² (substantial elements) on the body.

But many other well educated circles of the medical community or others, who oppose their views. The opponents of this opinion states: The body does not contain the slightest despite being reactionary fire. They have some reason which we will write in the chapter (post) the next.


¹Imam Ash-Shafi’i said, “I never satiated for ten years except once, because the glut will cause the body to become heavy, hard heart, reduce intelligence, making sleepy, and weakens the culprit to worship.” See Adab ash-Shafi’i, Ibn Hatim Al-Razi and his hamizy (marginal notes), p 106.

²Sixtosit comes from the Greek meaning is substantial. The fourth element called the basic elements sixtosit. Because the fourth is a combination of elements that are shared by animals, plants, and metals, according to them.

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