Prayers associated with pregnancy

Feb 17, 2017


Prayers associated with pregnancy

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  • Prayers associated with pregnancy

    Prayers related to Pregnancy

    1. Prayer When Interlocking Related
      So that connections made by married couples always blessed by God and kept away from evil spirits, then you should read the following prayer when about to engage in intercourse with your partner.
      “In the name of Allah, Ya Allah jaukanlah us from the devil and take away the demons of that which you give to us.”
    2. Prayer in Time Ejaculation
      We do not know whether the relationship with other bodies at the time it would work into a fetus or not. And, we did not know what would happen with the agency relationship that we do with our mates. Therefore, seek refuge in Allah is the best way. Begged at the time to have a fine, another one could enjoy, and if used as a child becomes a goodly child or shalihah, the devoted son to his parents. Therefore, berdolah God to bless the marital relationship which we have done. Here is a prayer while ejaculation.
      “O Allah, make semen our good offspring.”
    3. Prayer after completion Doing Relations
      All the pleasures the coming only from Allah alone. Therefore, as a form of thanksgiving to God is to praise it. Because the agency relationship is a pleasure given by God to each of His servants who are married, then the best thing is the following prayer:
      “Praise be to Allah who has created the woman and water (semen).”
    4. Prayer For A Smart Blessed with Children
      Every parent wants their children clever and smart, the child is able to make proud parents and family. Here is a prayer to be blessed with children are intelligent:
      “O Allah, make me and my children and my grandchildren including a group of scientists and experts kindness, and do not make us as a crime expert and expert damage. Give me sustenance and give them useful knowledge and vast fortune, a good body, to obey the instructions and understanding as well as understanding of the prophets. Praise be to Allah the Lord of the Worlds. ”

      5. Prayer Blessed with Children Saleh
      Children are a gift from God that must be carefully guarded, lest we abandon them, especially in terms of education if we are expecting it to be virtuous son. To realize a goodly child can be started from a child still in the womb, that is by prayer for her. The prayer can be like the following prayer:
      “O Allah, make the charity I thought better of the charity due to appear, and make the charity due to appear as a good deed. O Allah, I beg thee treasure, a family, a good lad as you have given to others who did not go astray again misleading. ” Read also: Madu Penyubur Kandungan

      6. Kindly Prayer Blessed with Boys
      We can only try but could not specify, including trying to bring offspring. In addition, we also can not specify the type of child sex ourselves. Basically, the same sex of the child, whether male or female, because it is the most precious gift from Allah. However, there are some families who want boys and others wanted a daughter. They want sex of the child certainly has a purpose. Well, if you are from one of them and you want a male heir, then read the following prayer at the time of sexual intercourse with your partner:
      “O Allah, I want to give the names of the wife’s womb Muhammad. So, make it a boy, thanks to the owner of the name of this noble lord that our Prophet Muhammad. ”

      7. Kindly Prayer Blessed with Daughter
      The desire to have a daughter sometimes sorely missed by most families for reasons already have a boy or there are other reasons according to their destination. Well, if you want blessed with a daughter, then increase reading the Koran Surah Maryam.

      8. Prayer Given Ease Childbirth
      If the pregnancy has entered the eighth and ninth months, the mother began to feel a sense of worry, anxiety, fear, and so forth. As we know that childbirth is a process that risked lives. Childbirth was painful. Therefore, the mother’s condition is very limp when about to give birth until she gave birth. Easy birth and survived would be the dream of every parent.


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