Prompts for Pregnant Women

Feb 18, 2017


Prompts for Pregnant Women

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  • Prompts for pregnant women

    When we know that we’ve definitely pregnant, then we must take the next step is taking good care of the baby in the womb, even more so after the pregnancy reaches the age of four months. As a parent should be able to keep the feeling or emotion fetus because the fetus in the womb can feel what is felt by the mother. If the mother is under stress, then the baby will also feel anxious and uncomfortable in her mother’s belly. Conversely, if the mother feel calm and comfortable, it is also felt by the unborn baby. Please consume also Madu Penyubur Kandungan.

    Therefore, we recommend for women who are pregnant always try as much as possible so that he is always in a state of happy and quiet. Conditions such as these can be obtained in multiple ways at will. Like, held a holiday to get some peace, listening to music, reading the Koran, always think positive, and so forth. In this case, of course, everybody has their own way to make him be quiet. But the most important is to do everything possible to remain in a state of calm and comfortable. In addition, in order to improve the quality of the fetus when he was born later, should a mother who is pregnant are encouraged to do the following:

    First, read the Koran. A mother who are pregnant are encouraged to frequently recite verses from the Koran. If it is not possible to read, perhaps because of the limitations of the mother in reading the Koran, then ask the other person to read and listen to pregnant women only. One thing to keep in mind that no unborn baby could also hear people who are reading the Koran. However, it would be better if the pregnant mother who read it. With the reading of the Koran is expected that children born later has the ability in reading and practice the contents of the Koran. In addition, so he always cling to the Qur’an in living a life, and he can tell which is good to do and what is not good to do.

    Second, pay attention to diet. A pregnant woman should not eat foods carelessly, especially eating that can harm the baby like eating jackfruit, durian, pineapple, and other foods that may endanger the safety of the baby. For mothers who are pregnant should eat nutritious foods such emphasis on eating vegetables, fruits, green bean juice, and multiply eating young coconut. There are other things that need to note that pregnant women should not eat food that is obtained in a way that is not as good as stealing, robbery, pickpocketing or other bad way. Because of the food consumed by pregnant women will be consumed also by the baby.

    Third, it can create a harmonious atmosphere. The husband and wife who is pregnant should try as much as possible to remain in a harmonious situation. Avoid atmosphere of discord and strife. Because, a quarrel sometimes can make the pregnant woman to be stressful. Therefore, it takes maturity in addressing each issue. How do I resolve persolan that often occurs in the household. The occurrence of a difference of opinion about something common, and this is something that is reasonable in the menage, because it brings together two of thought process required patience and understanding in order to find the best solution. Additionally, make it a habit consulted in any decision, or try to budge one of them if possible with her problems have not finished while waiting for the situation passable, only then discussed again with a cool head. Thus, such a pregnant woman remains in a comfortable situation.

    Fourth, maintain behavior. Isri couples should always keep the behavior and words. Do not let the actions can hurt others, but if it has been done, be more useful to apologize. Similarly, the words, lest his words hurt others any insult, because a word can become a prayer. So, if we insult others because of their limitations, while your wife is pregnant it is feared that the shortage of people infected to your child. Moreover, an action and speech is done by parents who are also an education to the child at birth. Therefore, try to keep every action and utterance, for the child in the womb it can respond to what is happening outside the womb. So, it would be better if you are being friendly, patient, and do not hurt other people. Instead of doing things that are not good, the more you invite your child’s communication, it would be more helpful. In plain view, the baby in the womb is not able to see or hear, but actually he can figure out what to do by their parents.

    Fifth, many praying. People who are pregnant should multiply pray to God, so that her unborn child was born healthy and survive both physically and mentally. Pray to God that the delivery process is facilitated. As we know that labor is the struggle between life and death. And only God can help us out of all difficulties, do more worship and pray to Allah. Hopefully everything can go well.


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