Special prayers so quickly blessed with offspring

Apr 15, 2017


Special prayers so quickly blessed with offspring

Special prayers so quickly blessed with offspring

Special prayers so quickly blessed with offspring

After understanding the sense and at the same ordinance pray, then the next will be presented on the powerful prayers so quickly blessed baby. One way to fertilize the womb is with much prayer. For some people, having a baby really is something very, very difficult even though they had followed the procedure or treatment in order to quickly blessed with children. For those who happen to run into the same thing, it’s good for you to practice the following prayers.

Prayer Prophet Ibrahim.

Before practicing prayer Prophet Ibrahim., It helps if we know who actually is and how the struggle of Prophet Ibrahim. Prophet Ibrahim was born and raised in the land of Babylon (Iraq). Father of Prophet Ibrahim called Azar embracing the religion of the infidels, while her mother was a believer secretly. However, according to a history, Azar is not the father of Abraham, but someone who is considered the father of Ibrahim. Ibrahim was born in the reign of King Nimrod the mighty, who eventually conquered by Ibrahim. Of particular interest is in the time of Abraham adulthood, he started against the teachings of the infidels and even he destroyed the idols of deities heathens.

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Abraham is one of the prophets of God who got a lot of nicknames for his perseverance in the face of a test from Allah. Nickname given by God to the Prophet Ibrahim. Along with the achievements that have been carved dipentas history are as “Abul Anbiya” (Father of the Prophets), “Ulul ‘Azmi” (People who are impatient and Teguh Establishment), and he also earned the nickname “Khalilur Rahman” (Beloved of Allah the Merciful ). He was nicknamed Abu Al-Anbiya ‘has given birth because of the prophets and the righteous.
As Allah says:

“And, indeed We have sent Noah and Abraham, and We made the descent both prophetic and the Bible, some of them do receive instructions and many of them are wicked.” (QS. Al-Hadid [57]: 26).

In his word, God also clarify the nickname of Abraham as the father of the prophets.

“And we bestowed upon Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and we made the prophetic and the Bible in the offspring, and we gave him in return The real world and in the Hereafter he, actually includes people who are righteous.” (Qur’an, al-Ankabuut [29]: 27).

What is interesting is the test given by God to the Prophet Ibrahim, who earned the nickname The Prophet’s father. Exam given by God to him be not blessed with offspring in a long time. In fact, when he was carrying out sacrifices to draw closer to Allah, the Prophet Ibrahim to bernadzar that if an when he had issue, then he is also willing to make sacrifices for the sake of her son as to draw closer to God. However, thanks to the patience and fortitude to Abraham, it gives birth to two offspring great-great of a different mother, the Prophet Ishmael and Prophet Isaac.

From the second son, also born offspring who also became a prophet. Ishmael was born from the path of our Prophet Muhammad. While the path of Prophet Isaac was born Prophet Ya’qub, who then gave birth to the prophets who came from the Children of Israel. Then, the question that arises now is what is the secret behind the success of Prophet Ibrahim. So that could give birth to such great figures after waiting so many years? As it turned out, Abraham had khsusus prayers are being said to God. Prayer in question is as follows:

Rabbi hablii minashshalihiin.
“My Lord, anugerahkanlah me (a child) which includes those who are righteous.” (Qur’an, al-Shaafaat [37]: 100).

The prayer being said by Prophet Ibrahim. Long before he was married or had children before. He incessantly asking God to be blessed with a virtuous son. He did not merely ask blessed with children, but also has a mission that his son would become a virtuous son. And, he never gave up in prayer. The past there has been no quick cure pregnant at the pharmacy. Hence the Prophet prayed for to God directly. Also there is no honey fertilizing the womb.

With patience and continue to pray without ceasing to God, then at the age of 86 years, God provides exceptional child as they pray. Well, if you’re one of those people who until now has not been blessed with a baby, so it’s good if you practice the Prophet Abraham who has proven kemustajabannya. Similarly, for every man that his wife was pregnant, never given up to beg blessed with pious prayers they would later illuminate the graves of his parents and his deeds will elevate their parents into heaven.


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