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Jan 21, 2017


Each Disease There is a remedy

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  • Narrated by Muslim from the hadeeth of Abu Zubair, from Jabir bin Abdillah, and the Prophet that he said, which means: “Each one is certainly no cure diseases. If the drug is already on the disease, the disease must be ..

    Jan 16, 2017


    Classification of Diseases

    The following is a discussion of some important articles related to the instructions of the Prophet in medicine he used and he was recommended for use by others. We will explain: wisdom in his treatment that could not be achieved ..

    Jan 14, 2017


    Physical Illnesses and Non-Physical Illness

    Diseases are of two kinds: physical illnesses and non-physical illness. Physical illness is a disease caused by an excess of material in the body that interfere with normal bodily functions daily. It is a common disease. The cause is eating ..